The Ultimate Fly‑Fisherman’s Paradise

For avid grayling anglers, there is no better place in the world than right here at Tukto Lodge. As grayling prefer unpolluted waters that are clear, cold and well oxygenated, our rapids produce some of the very best grayling fishing found anywhere. Schools of Arctic grayling flash through miles of fast water streams and sparkling rapids that are part of the Dubawnt River chain, providing an unsurpassed challenge for anglers using light tackle. For unbeatable action and excitement, fly fishermen can choose from five different sets of rapids located just half an hour away from the main lodge.

Fly fishing for Arctic Grayling
Arctic Grayling

Arctic grayling are related to the trout and whitefish. Dark on the back with bronze or silver-hued sides, grayling have dark spots on the body behind the head and a black line in the fold under the mouth. Its spectacular purplish-blue dorsal fin is larger than on any other cold-water fish. The average grayling runs two to four pounds.

Anglers revere grayling for their beauty and fighting ability. They feed almost exclusively on insects, so they're quick to take a fly, but will jump and fight when hooked. The world record for grayling, a 5-pound, 15-ouncer, was set back in 1967. Time for you to claim that title!

“I only fish once a year and it's here at Tukto. It's here that I get my fishing fix. The fly-fishing is so good. I not only take lots of grayling on fly fishing gear, but I've caught many, many lake trout on flies. After fishing these waters for so many years, I'm convinced that Tukto offers some of the best trout and grayling fishing in the world!”Tom and Karen Holmes - Tennessee, USA

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