The Ultimate Arctic Fishing Destination

Tukto Lodge has been exceeding anglers' expectations for more than fifty years. As the only fishing and eco-tourism lodge in the heart of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, we offer the ultimate fly-in fishing expeditions. We are situated on Mosquito Lake and Dubawnt Lake, both world-renowned locales for their grayling and trout offerings. Once only known to the local Inuit and a handful of bush pilots, these lakes remain two of the most exclusive fishing destinations on the planet. Roughly only 100 people get the chance to fish these waters each year. Are you one of them?

Lake Trout - It's not uncommon to land 20 to 50 pound Lakers Lake Trout - It's not uncommon to land 20 to 50 pound Lakers Lake Trout - It's not uncommon to land 20 to 50 pound Lakers Lake Trout - It's not uncommon to land 20 to 50 pound Lakers Lake Trout - It's not uncommon to land 20 to 50 pound Lakers Lake Trout - It's not uncommon to land 20 to 50 pound Lakers

Dubawnt Lake

The Lake Trout Capital of the World

Dubawnt Lake is legendary for its enormous size, crystal clear waters and trophy lake trout. In its short 50-year history, it's already recognized by anglers around the globe as the Lake Trout Capital of the World. We're the only camp on Dubawnt Lake and the exclusive waters are only available for six weeks during the summer months, when the ice is out. You'll be pulling in an average of more than 40 trout a day, many in the 30 to 40 pound range. A 61-pounder is the largest lake trout taken to date!

Mosquito Lake

Tukto Lodge Camp at Mosquito Lake

Mosquito Lake contains its share of trophy lake trout, and is a fly-fishing paradise. The ice is out by the second week of July and you'll be able to fish for trout in shallow waters of 10 to 20 feet deep all summer. Most days you'll be the only one fishing these spots for grayling and trout. You can choose to experience these frosty waters with waders on the lakeshore, but most of our guests enjoy the five sets of fast-moving rapids that surround Mosquito Lake. Your guide will anchor on top of or below the rapid and with a fly rod you can expect to pull in 20 to 30 grayling between 2 to 5 pounds in a half-day.

New Alumarine boats powered by 25 or 40-HP Honda four-stroke outboards (with all the gas you need) are standard equipment at Tukto Lodge. Please note all hooks are to be single barbless, and keep in mind Mosquito Lake and Dubawnt Lake are designated as trophy-fish only, so these are catch and release expeditions.

And that's just the fishing. Consider your camera an essential part of your gear. Our Arctic landscape will leave you speechless. You'll enjoy thousands of miles of shoreline, islands and reefs with nesting peregrine falcons and other unique wildlife. Did we mention the jaw-dropping flight in to Tukto Lodge? There's a good chance you'll catch migrating caribou herds in action, and maybe even muskox on the move. And when 20 hours of Arctic sunshine have tired you out, the Northern Lights will awake your spirit.

We'd say Tukto Lodge offers once-in-a-lifetime fishing adventures, but we know you'll come back again and again. We've seen it happen! Join us this summer for the best Arctic fishing experience on the planet.

“Thanks for another great trip to Dubawnt and Mosquito Lakes. I finished up with nine trophy trout up to 25 lbs. at Dubawnt and 11 trophy trout up to 30 lbs. at Mosquito. The camps, food and staff were all great. See you next year and thanks again!”Rex Thorne - Indiana, USA


The history of Tukto Lodge

In the mid-1960s, a bush pilot from Northern Ontario, Ralph Showalter, flew his bush plane to explore the Arctic and fish the lakes. After a number of fishing explorations into the Arctic, he stopped by a pub in Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan. Over a beverage, he met a local trapper named Mr. Riddle and Ralph had asked if he knew of any great trout fishing lakes in the North. Without hesitation, Mr. Riddle said that Mosquito Lake was the best trout lake in the mid-Arctic barren lands for the number and size of the fish.

Each year after that, together they flew to Mosquito Lake via floatplane, a 1200 mile journey, for the amazing fishing. Through the 1970s and 1980s, a number of cabins and a lodge were built.

From 1968 to 1994, Tukto Lodge operated as a very small camp, privately and commercially. The camp changed hands a number of times, opening and closing along the way. It was vacant for three years prior to Bob Huitikka acquiring it in 1994. During his ownership, Bob built a new lodge, a new 10-person duplex cabin with indoor plumbing and a shower, and remodelled the existing cabins.

In 2013, Tukto Lodge was purchased by Curt and Juanita Enns, who are thrilled to be continuing its tradition of offering a world class fishing experience!

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