The Forecast Always Calls for a Good Time

Many people typically associate the Arctic with the cold and snow. And while that is the case for most of the year, there are a couple short months when the snow disappears, flowers are in bloom and temperatures are relatively moderate. Don't be surprised if you find yourself fishing in a t-shirt! Please refer to the chart for the average weekly temperatures at Tukto Lodge during the summer.

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July 2 — July 953°F - 73°F (12°C — 23°C)
July 9 — July 1655°F — 71°F (13°C — 22°C)
July 16 — July 2353°F — 69°F (12°C — 21°C)
July 23 — July 3053°F — 69°F (12°C — 21°C)
July 30 — August 653°F — 69°F (12°C — 21°C)
August 6 — August 1350°F — 69°F (10°C — 21°C)
August 13 — August 2050°F — 66°F (10°C — 19°C)
August 20 — August 2748°F — 60°F (9°C — 16°C)