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A World of Praise

“9 trophy trout up to 25 lbs. at Dubawnt and 11 trophy trout up to 30 lbs.”Rex Thorne - Lafontaine, IN

“The 38 1/2 lake trout and 3 lb. grayling were really just bonuses.”Jim Hall - Greenfield, IL

“fantastic arctic grayling fishing”Rex Thorne - Lafontaine, IN

“This was a totally new experience for us, tundra, caribou, musk ox, etc. Oh yeah, and on top of that, the fishing is world class too!”Dean Willis

“How many fishing trips can boast four trout over 20 pounds in one day?”Vicki Shereos Cobb - , Orland Park, IL

“We all enjoyed the trip and would like to come again. Thanks for your help and a wonderful time.”Michael Kelly

“I had a lot of fun and will see you all again next year!”Bob Schoedler

“What an incredible fishery.”Phil Lilly

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